Welcome to Die Brucke, Australia’s leading online seller of hardware, software application, customer electronic devices and other technology items and formally the fastest growing online IT merchant!

Many individuals have a mistaken belief that even if we run primarily online it means we do not have a workplace or our own storage facility and do not keep stock. This is not the case and remains in big part an outcome of false information spread out by rivals who are having a hard time to maintain. We have a workplace particularly fitted out to run as a call center with cubicles, call center display screens, meeting/training space, etc and storage facilities with stock, storage racks, forklifts, dispatch area and all other things one would anticipate seeing in any storage facility. We might set up some gimmicky pictures with some stock in the background and a notepad with “your name here” composed on it like some rivals, but we do not feel the need. Rather here are some pictures of our workplace and storage facilities.

Since our creation in late 2006 we have regularly provided our customer the most affordable rates on a big variety of items offered for purchase in our online store. Nevertheless, what has truly separated us from the competition is our high quality service, for which we continually get appreciation from our consumers.